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Let Us Help You Make Calculated Moves


The Foundation:  What happens each week and month

Our initial action is focused on establishing a solid set of books and records using Xero accounting software. We will link your banking information to the software so that we will have bank feeds sending the initial transaction information to us. We will also help you get setup to view or enter information in the software and show you how to use our online tools to access reports and information.

  • Entry of transactions
  • Reconciling bank accounts, credit cards, and loans at the end of each month
  • Updating KPI (key performance indicators) and Graphical Reporting

These items then allow us to focus on the analytical tasks that help save you money and grow your studio.

Our Secret Sauce

Because we work with many studios across the country, we have a specialized database of key performance indicators that we use to help our client’s pinpoint issues and strengths.  Our KPI monitoring system allows us tremendous advantages over using your hometown CPA.  You’ll see how you compare to industry standards as well as how you stack up against other studio’s across the country.


Fathom Profitability                                          Fathom Trend

Mid-Year Review Session

Our clients tell us this is our most valuable meeting of the whole year!  In preparation for this session, we will have you update some survey information about your studio as well as update your goals statements if anything has changed. Our meeting is a live video conference so we can review information together. Here are the general topics that we will cover:

  • We will verify that all of last year’s tax filings are complete and no further action is necessary.
  • Update goals and discuss business strategies to achieve those goals.
  • Review tax projection to see what your liability currently is projected to be when the current year’s taxes are filed.
  • Discuss tax planning strategies that are available for you to reduce your current projected tax liability and plan a schedule of implementation.

We’ll show you how much you will save by implementing our strategies as well as how much you have saved over the lifetime of our relationship.

4th Quarter Update

In October and November, we revisit the tax projection and plans to update with actual data to more closely project income and verify implementation schedules that we set up in the Mid-Year Review.

1st Quarter Compliance

In January, the focus is on completing compliance tasks like payroll and 1099 reporting. Your focus will be on assembling the tax documents you receive and submitting them to us with tax preparation information. Once the tax forms are finalized by the IRS and the states, we finalize your business and individual tax returns so that they can be completed in February and March.

As you can see, we’ve got you covered. In between all of these routine tasks, we are going to be there to help you answer questions that arise and help you interpret information to make great management decisions. We’ll partner with you to help you succeed!

We've got you covered