PYOP Infographic

Do you have goals for your studio?

Every studio owner has goals right? Earn more money and have the free time to spend with family and doing the things you love.

The problem is you can never achieve these goals because they are open ended and let’s face it, these are not really goals – these are the results of accomplishing your goals.

We will help you set specific and measurable goals so that you can these end results. Our mid-year reviews will check in with you on these goals and determine if there are new goals that you wish to achieve.

Here are some sample goals that your PYOP studio might be striving for:

  • Increasing your average ticket by $5
  • Booking 10% more studio parties
  • Move your employees to an incentive compensation plan that allows them to be rewarded and reduces your labor costs as a Percentage of sales
  • Increasing net profit by 5%

Monitoring these goals along with your monthly financial statements is the key to helping you achieve these goals faster. Let us help you get started on moving your studio forward now.

If you had to file taxes today, do you know how much you owe?

Most business owners think tax preparation is a once a year event. In reality, a tax return is put together a little at a time each month. With our Calculated Moves Package, we will project your tax liability in June and show you the strategies that you can put into place to reduce your tax liability. If you wait until tax preparation time, it is too late. Most of these strategies must be put into place during the year, not after it is complete.

With the powerful knowledge of what your tax liability is at any point during the year, we can eliminate surprises and allow you to make solid, meaningful business decisions. We can help you make taxes more managable and stay on top of new tax law.