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Video Transcription

Alright, studio owners. It’s Donna Bordeaux with . I know it’s been a heck of a summer so far, and you’ve had a lot of challenges. Well, I’m not even going to mention those words that you’ve heard too much. Now I want to talk about what is going to take you to the next level as you come back around and you’ve added all these lovely new things that you’re going to do at your studio. Keep in mind that you need to get rid of some. You need to shed some tasks. Now, the first way I love to go through with my clients. And most people love this experience is to take a sheet of paper and make two columns and everything that you do for the day, write it down. And it has to go in one of the two columns. Those two columns. One is a love it column and the other, hate it column. That you’ll find that you’re going to easily be able to determine some tasks may be like, uh, I don’t mind it. All right. Put that on the hate. If you don’t feel passion and love for a particular task you’re doing, we want to find another way to get it done. That will make sure that you are the happiest that you can be. And that you are not bogged down by tasks that you shouldn’t be. Your creativity will be unleashed. If you are following the tasks that you love. So get that sheet of paper out, trace yourself around for a couple of days or a week and create that love it or hate it list. And when you get that hate it list. I want you to find a way to stop doing those hate items. The first way is what would happen if you just didn’t do that anymore.

Some things you might be able to get away with that. The second way to get rid of a hate thing is to automate it or have someone else do it. So who and your staff may love that task. Now, if it’s cleaning toilets or something like that, there may not be anybody who’s really jumping for joy about that. However, what if you got a cleaning service who helped you out with those kinds of things? Look at all the possibilities. Don’t look at the monetary factor just yet. When we’re done with this, we’ll compare and look at how much it costs you as the CEO owner of your business to do these tasks versus what you could accomplish on bigger things. If you paid somebody to do those littler things like emptying the trash and cleaning the toilets, what could you do to eliminate some of those busy work that you have so that you can get back to what really makes you tick and what really makes you happy?

That is how you will come to full enjoyment of your studio. I know a lot of you have had some troubles throughout this period where it was a real downer and it made you stop and think like, Ugh, do I really want to do this anymore? Well, I want you to get your passion back. There’s a reason that you opened that business and I don’t want you to forget what that is. It’s easy to be sideswiped by these kinds of crisis, and we want to get you back on track. So let’s start out with something fun. Let’s do the, love it, or hate it list and comment below. And tell me what’s your on your hate list. I want to help you get rid of it. I love to hear those things that you can accomplish and get off of your task list. I’m Donna Bordeaux with Please remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Facebook, and you can follow us on our website . Thank you and have a great day.

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